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Virovir 500 Mg Tablet (Famciclovir)

Available Strength : Virovir 250.



Virovir 500 Mg Tablet (Famciclovir 500 Mg)

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What is Virovir 500 mg Tablet (Famciclovir)?

The generic name of the Virovir 500 mg Tablet is Famciclovir. Virovir 500 Mg Tablet falls under a classification of medications known as antiviral. It is utilized in the treatment of shingles and repetitive herpes skin contaminations in individuals with a background marked by HIV disease. It is likewise used to treat mouth blisters and genital herpes. On utilizing Virovir 500Mg Tablet you may encounter certain conceivable results, for example, regurgitating, sickness, shortcoming, cerebral pain, loose bowels and gas. Certain extreme responses may happen, for example, hives, inconvenience breathing and gulping, chest torment, fantasies, strange dying, expanding of body parts and confusion. In the event that you face any major unfavorably susceptible response look for clinical assistance quickly.

Overview of Virovir 500 mg Tablet (Famciclovir)

Virovir 500 mg Tablet is an antiviral medication utilized in the treatment of shingles, a herpes zoster contamination which happens in patients who have had chicken pox previously. This contamination causes torment, consuming, and rankles. This medication is additionally used to treat or forestall rehash episodes of fever, rankles, and mouth blisters in individuals with ordinary resistance and bruises conformed to private parts and rectum occasionally. It doesn’t fix herpes disease and may not stop the spread of herpes contamination to others.

Virovir 500 Tablet ought to be taken in the portion and length as exhorted by your PCP. Try not to avoid any portions and finish the full course of treatment regardless of whether you feel good.

It very well might be taken with or without food, yet it is smarter to require some investment. In the event that you miss a portion, accept it quickly. Notwithstanding, in the event that it is nearly an ideal opportunity for your next portion, skirt the missed portion and return to your ordinary timetable, to dodge glut. You should drink a lot of water while on treatment with this medication as it assists with forestalling drying out and kidney harm.

What is Virovir 500 mg Tablet (Famciclovir) Used For?

Herpes labialis, generally known as mouth blisters, is a viral contamination that fundamentally influences the lip. Indications commonly incorporate a consuming torment followed by little rankles or bruises. The main assault may likewise be joined by fever, sore throat, and developed lymph hubs.

Virovir 500 Tablet is an antiviral medication. It eases back the development and spread of the herpes infection in the body. It won’t fix herpes and neither one of the its forestalls giving the disease to other people. In any case, it can accelerate recuperating of the wounds and lessening the side effects, for example, shivering, torment, consuming, tingling. Adhere to your PCP’s directions cautiously to get greatest advantage. Shingle is a viral disease that causes a difficult rash.

Virovir 500 Tablet can abbreviate the length and seriousness of shingles. It is best on the off chance that you begin accepting it as quickly as time permits after the rash shows up. Genital herpes contamination is a typical explicitly sent disease set apart by genital agony and injuries. It can influence the two people. Side effects incorporate agony, tingling and aggravation.

How does Virovir 500 mg Tablet (Famciclovir) work?

Virovir 500 Tablet is an antiviral drug. It forestalls the increase of infection in human cells. This prevents the infection from creating new infections and clears up your contamination.

Dosage and Administration – Virovir 500 Mg Tablets (Famciclovir 500 Mg).

The specialist thinks about your clinical history, current condition and age prior to endorsing the portion. The typical grown-up portion for herpes simplex is 250 mg taken orally threefold every day for a time of 7-10 days.

Missed Dose

See the missed area when you review it. On the off chance that it is near an ideal chance for your next zone, keeps away from the missed fragment.


Excursion for crisis clinical treatment or contact the prepared skilled if there should be an occasion of a plenitude.

When not to utilize – Virovir 500 Mg Tablets (Famciclovir 500 Mg)?


Virovir 500 Mg Tablets (Famciclovir 500 Mg) isn’t suggested for use in patients with a known hypersensitivity to famciclovir or some other meds of a similar class.

Side effects

  • Neutropenia
  • Elevated liver catalysts
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Jaundice
  • Nervousness and disarray
  • Skin rash and tingling


Q.Is Virovir 500 Tablet successful?

Virovir 500 Tablet is successful whenever utilized in the portion and length exhorted by your primary care physician. Try not to quit taking it regardless of whether you see improvement in your condition. In the event that you quit utilizing Virovir 500 Tablet too soon, the side effects may return or decline.

Q.Would I be able to quit taking Virovir 500 Tablet (Famciclovir) when I feel much improved?

No, don’t quit taking Virovir 500 Tablet without talking with your primary care physician regardless of whether you are feeling much improved. Your manifestations may improve before the disease is totally restored. Thusly, for better and complete treatment, it is encouraged to proceed with your treatment for the recommended span.

Q.What would it be a good idea for me to tell my PCP prior to beginning treatment with Virovir 500 Tablet (Famciclovir)?

Prior to beginning treatment with Virovir 500 Tablet, tell your primary care physician on the off chance that you have some other medical issues, similar to kidney or liver-related issues. This is on the grounds that specific ailments may influence your treatment and you may even need portion changes. Tell your primary care physician pretty much the wide range of various drugs you are taking since they may influence, or be influenced by, this medication. Illuminate your PCP on the off chance that you are arranging an infant, on the off chance that you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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